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When we go out shopping what are the things that we take into consideration? Do we think about the convenience of the mall? Or maybe we think about how much discount will save in the things we buy? It’s a good thing for you the Williamsburg VA taxi will take you to the Williamsburg Outlet Mall located in Williamsburg VA is a mall that offers both these features.

Taking the Williamsburg VA taxi to the Outlet Mall is a great choice because, Williamsburg’s only Factory Outlet Center is located just 0.5miles from Williamsburg Pottery, 0.75 miles from Great Wolf Lodge, and 1 mile from Interstate 64. It’s also located near Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA making it convenient if you are coming from any of those places. The mall offers 250,000 square feet of a collection of 50 designer and name brand outlet stores that is enclosed in a shopping arcade. Saving ranging from 25% to 65% are offered everyday by these stores Sag Harbor, Big Dog Sportswear, Vanity Fair, Lee/Wrangler, The Bottom Line, Farberware, , Factory Brand Shoes, Totes, Black & Decker, Dress Barn and a lot more. Furthermore you can also gain complimentary coupons are valued at over $100 and find out information about special events, sales and list of stores by just visiting their website. With these in mind you‘re guaranteed to shop till you drop because of the big savings that you will be getting.

Williamsburg VA Taxi

Outlet Store

When going around a big mall we tend to get tired and need to relax but what better way to do by just going to the malls motor coach lounge that has a TV or perhaps by using the internet or even by using a phone provided in a private room. The mall’s two food courts makes sure that in case you want to take a break from your shopping an excellent range of food choices are made available for you to choose from. For those senior citizens that cannot walk to far they can enjoy resting at the malls benches. Due to this it just shows that not only is it designed for young people but even old people are given the opportunity to shop.

Lastly whether you’re a tourist or a person who loves shopping a lot then you can say that you came to the right place because this mall has a lot of things to offer to you that no other malls can especially when it comes to the savings. That is why making your trip to outlet mall will surely be a memorable one with all the branded and designer clothes that you will be bringing home thanks to the great savings that this mall has to offer. That is why when you are buying always make sure that you bring a lot of extra cash because who knows you might get to buy more than what you wanted to buy. . So let the Williamsburg VA taxi dive you there and have a shopping experience of a life time!

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